Zipping on the highways and byways of California and Virginia, I point my camera out the passenger-side window and shoot the landscapes with lazy shutter speeds. It helps the passing of time. I think of it not so much as an act of capture or even creation.

I feel it is as an alternative attempt at seeing. Sharply focused details are false gods. They may very often obfuscate a true, “real” nature of things - like “missing the forest for the trees”.

At speeds sometimes approaching 85 mph, distracting details are obliterated, shapes distorted and colors transformed in these photos. As a result, we may, if you will, see the forest without the obscuring trees.

By emphasizing atmosphere, color, light, movement over detail and form in this way, I hope to make the viewer feel it is not so much time that is passing, but s/he themselves speeding by the wayside.

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